Breeding of breeding hens

Under normal circumstances, the breeding hens are fed to the young stage from 8 weeks old to 16 weeks old, and they should begin feeding on restricted feeding. The purpose is to control the growth of weight of breeder hens, prevent the premature sexual maturity of breeder hens, maintain the breede-----

The female rabbits lice precautions

First, feed malnutrition is mostly due to lack of vitamins and minerals in feed. Measures: Feeding the female rabbit's feed (especially during the breeding season) must be nutritious, rich in protein, minerals, and vitamins, and often provide a juicy green feed to make it more nutritious. Sec-----

Breeding eggs to kill poisonous chicks is healthier

Disinfecting eggs prior to brooding is beneficial to improving hatching rate, breeding rate, chick survival rate, uniformity, and future egg production performance. Common disinfection methods are: UV disinfection Place the eggs at 60 cm below the UV lamp, turn on the lights for 10 minutes, turn -----

Which cooling tower is cheap and affordable?

In 1989, Nagin (Hong Kong) Group Co., Ltd. was established in Hong Kong . (: Yang Huijuan/) is a modern high-tech group company integrating R&D, production, sales and service. Nagin has continuously improved and improved product quality. Years of design and production experience has finally lai-----

Late citrus management and cultivation techniques

At present, it is the critical period for citrus fruit enlargement, endoplasmic enrichment, and sugar increase. Scientifically do a good job of its post-management, so that the quality and output will be greatly enhanced to enhance the competitiveness of fruit products and the income of fruit farm-----

Storage of fur

Fur should be stored in a clean, dry warehouse, pay attention to ventilation, heat insulation, moisture, but also to prevent insects, rat bites, dust pollution. The precious furs of foxes, pheasants and mink must be stored in wooden boxes or wooden racks, or they can be hung in rows in the wire i-----

Pay attention to check purple onion spot

In recent days, several kinds of onion farmers have come to consult with onion leaves and they have been carefully identified as purple onion spot. The current temperature and humidity conditions are conducive to the occurrence of purple onion spot, remind farmers to pay attention to check and pre-----