Pig raising in hot season

Pigs have low feed utilization and slow weight gain when the temperature rises above 35°C or falls to minus 5-10°C. The high temperature season should be based on different types of pigs and different physiological stages of the pig to give different feeding and management. 1. Boars: Feed t-----

Purple Sweet Potato

Purple sweet potatoes have exotic sweet potatoes that combine food, medicinal and health care. The variety is rich in nutrients, crude fiber, strong health care, and has a "delicious, fragrant, taste good" taste, favored by consumers. Purple sweet potato is known as black potatoes, purp-----

Strawberry gray mold control

Strawberry gray mold, also known as rot disease, greenhouse and open field cultivation are easy to occur, directly harm the flower and fruit, a great impact on the yield and quality. The following methods can be used to control: 1. Agricultural control: remove dry and dead leaves, remove diseased-----