Measures to Improve Microbial Fertilizer Effect

1. The use of quality-qualified microbial fertilizers with low quality, high levels of bacteria, or expired products cannot be applied. 2, when the application of microorganisms to minimize the death of bacteria to avoid direct sunlight, seed dressing should be in the shade of the operation, seed-----

Top-dressing watering

The newspaper Jinan reported on March 27 that the “spring equinox” had passed and the province’s wheat was continued jointing from south to north. Provincial agricultural experts believe that from now until April 10, it is the critical period for the first application of wheat a-----

Rice production has a coup

Friends of the farmers planting rice in Harbin, Heilongjiang province harvested rice after a year of hard work. A young farmer with dedication to researching technology compared his brothers to statistics on paddy yields by plot harvesting. He found that following the adjustment of rice fertilizati-----

Maize Hereditary Stripe

Symptoms The leaves on the leaves appear bright yellow to white with smooth edges, which is the main manifestation of hereditary stripes. This can happen on one side of the plant and sporadically in the field. Cause genetic disease. Control methods generally do not require separate control. -----

Maize deficiency

Symptoms 1. Nitrogen-deficient shoots are dwarfed, thin, and yellow-green leaves; leaves turn yellow from the tip of the leaf, develop along the midrib of the leaf, forming a "V"-shaped yellowing part; causing whole plant yellowing and withering at the lower tip. And the edges are yellow-----

Wheat stalk blight

Symptoms mainly affect stems and leaf sheaths, which can be infected from the seedling stage to the fruiting stage. The incidence of seedlings, at the beginning of the first leaf and coleoptera between the size of the tip of the small black spots, later extended to leaf sheaths and leaves, was spi-----