Cockles, also known as columbine, are produced in Europe. Hi cool and moist and semi-negative environment, cold, afraid of high temperature and strong light, should loose loose fertile dewatered sandy loam soil. ●Reproduction Commonly used sowing and propagation. Sowing in the spring, autu-----


Verbena Herba Verbenae (English) European Verbena Herb Alias ​​iron horse whip, purple top of the bud grass, wild Nepeta. The source is the aerial part of Verbena officinalis L. Verbena. Perennial herbaceous plant morphology, usually 30-80cm high. The upper part of the stalk is -----

Autumn seedlings

The growth period of the autumn beans is short, and the growth environment conditions are poor. The disease resistance, strong adaptability, and the photoperiod response are intermediate or short-day types, and the pods are more concentrated and have higher scab rates. Good varieties of high yield-----

Occurrence of Edible Mushroom Farming in October

The autumn of October is a period when fungus production is more lively. In the autumn, the mushrooms grow in splendid colors, and the winter cultivation seeds are in full swing, and more strains of bacteria are in progress. This month should be focused on the management of germs, and it is time t-----

How to Fertilize Sesame Seeds

According to the research, the demand for nitrogen in sesame is less in the early stage and more in the middle and late stages; the demand for phosphorus is less in the early stage, more in the middle stage and more in the later stage; the demand for potassium is more in the middle and less in the-----