Tomato coloring technology

At this stage, light, temperature, and moisture are all in suitable conditions. The poor coloring of tomatoes has a great relationship with fertilization imbalance. You can use pH test paper to measure the pH of the soil, when the pH is greater than 6.5, especially when it is greater than 7, the s-----

Sheyang: Pengtao Lettuce, Kidney Bean, and Garlic

After many years of experimentation and demonstration, Sheyang County has made a series of efficient cultivation models for lettuce, cowpea, and garlic. Shed lettuce is planted in the middle and late September, transplanted in late October, and harvested in late March in the second year; cowpeas a-----

Live rice field cannot overuse butachlor

Zhao Jianbiao, Gonghe Town, Hongze County, came to the telephone and said that there is a large area of ​​dry direct seeded rice after sowing this year. There is no cover seed, and 400 ml of 50% butachlor is used for soil closure treatment per acre. It is understood that there was no-----

Pay Attention to Managing "Seven Things" in F…

"Fungus Fertilizer" is a non-environmental pollution-free new-type compound bio-fertilizer that is obtained through the artificial purification and rejuvenation of active bacteria collected from nature. Good fungus fertilizers, such as goldfish bacteria fertilizer, not only contain a lar-----

Two types of radish mo

Many people like to cut carrots and white radishes into pieces or silk to make red and white dishes, not only looks beautiful, but also refreshing to eat. In fact, this method of eating is not scientific, and carrots and white radishes are not suitable for deployment. Because the vitamin C content o-----