Reasons for the abortion of cotton and its rescue measures

Cotton abortion occurs every year. The so-called abortion is that cotton loses the function of normal fertility, that is, it only blooms without peaches, or it has more flowers and less peaches. The reason is due to the climatic factors, followed by the blind random introduction of cotton varieties, and the cultivation methods are incompatible with climate change.

According to records, when the temperature exceeds 35°C, pollen development develops malformation and cannot be pollinated normally, whereas persistent drought exacerbates the release of the bolls. In addition, some weeks of rain in some cotton areas in mid-August also made it difficult for cotton to flower and pollinate normally.

The phenomenon of abortion of varieties with high temperature resistance is less, and the species that are not resistant to high temperatures in the north have been introduced into the southern cotton region for planting.

From the perspective of cultivation techniques, some late-maturing cotton varieties and late-season cotton have experienced high temperature and drought during the peak of flowering; some cotton fields have too large density, serious shade, and poor permeation environment; some of the cotton fields have applied nitrogenous fertilizer. Nutrient overgrowth is also not conducive to seat peaches.

Saving cotton abortion can take the following measures:

First of all, grasp the opportunity of the second peak of cotton peach. The peak of the first seat peach is in the normal period from late July to early August. When the temperature drops to 25-30°C, the peak of the second seat peach will appear. Therefore, the loss of Peach can be compensated, and the peach yield of Peach is 15 percentage points higher than Peach.

Second, differentiate the situation and strengthen management. The topdressing of urea in the defertilized cotton field is 5~10kg/mu; on the outside of the cotton field, 1% urea and 0.2%~0.3% of potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution are sprayed on the roots of the cotton field; and the cotton field with high density and shade is completely pruned. , remove the old leaves; on the growing trend outside the flourishing cotton field roots sprayed Dinoxin or booster prime, 3 to 5 grams per acre or 12 to 20 ml, watered 50 kg; prevention and control of late pests and diseases.

Third, select cotton varieties that are suitable for planting in the region; timely nursery, early transplanting; reasonable close planting; improve cotton field water facilities;

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