Insulation Techniques of Sweet Potato Film before Winter

Dianjiang County, Chongqing Municipality, adopted the method of pre-winter seedlings for seedling film insulation. After nearly three years of implementation, it has been successful and farmers have adopted it. This method reduces the traditional storage process and makes full use of the winter mulching film. Simultaneously, the technique is easy to operate, with less rotten seeds (comparable with indoor cellars), faster seedling emergence (1 to 3 days earlier than mulching after seedling film growth), and neatness; Technology is:
First, choose a good seedbed: Select leeward sunny, dry terrain, drainage and irrigation facilities, loose soil fertility, deep soil, texture is good, the first year did not plant the sweet potato vegetable land for seedbeds to the best Shijiazi vegetables.
Second, the fine soil preparation, do a good job seedbed: seedbed digging, according to 1.6-1.8 meters open box, car width 1.3-1.4 meters wide, 0.3-0.4 meters wide, 5-15 cm high underground seedbed. Seed bed base fertilizer, apply 0.5 kg of calcium phosphate per square meter, 1-5 kg ​​of vegetation ash, and then apologize for bed soil, evenly mixed into the soil layer of 0-10 cm deep;
Third, the appropriate period of species: the best time for the local indoor cellar digging sweet potatoes. Dianjiang is generally 5 to 7 days before and after the beginning of winter.
Fourth, master a variety of techniques, select the sunny day to dig potatoes, dry the soil on the surface of the potato block, and select the non-injurious potato block as the seed potato. The seedbed adopts ditching and digging or digging and nesting, 24 to 40 cm ditching, 5 to 13 cm distance between species, digging nests and spacings of 28 to 33 cm, 2 to 3 per litter, and planting potatoes. The size and size of the potato pieces are discharged, and they are placed vertically or horizontally on the bed or in the nest of the whole nursery land according to the principle of uneven distribution. Then the soil is covered, and the seed potatoes are left at one-third high without covering the soil. A double-layered plastic film is laid on the bed surface, finally covered with an arch cover film, tightly sealed around to ensure the insulation effect.
Fifth, strengthen the seedbed management, sowing to seedlings, insulation-based, ground inspection, to prevent the membrane was blown away by the wind. After the buds sprouted in early March, the mulch film was removed and the arch cover film was preserved. After the emergence of the seedlings, the seedlings were gradually reconstructed and the arches were removed. At the same time, pest control and field management such as weeding and fertilization were strengthened.

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