Can not ignore the maintenance of the ground wire

Because the ground wire is exposed, it is susceptible to bumping of the locomotive, erosion of mud and water, and corrosion of the spilled electrolyte. This loosens connections, rusts, increases contact resistance, and causes poor conduction and affects normal operation of electrical equipment. For example, if there is a bad connection between the cab and the frame, the brightness of various types of lights, signal lights, and instrument lights will be insufficient, and the speed of the wipers will decrease or stop moving; if the connection between the engine and the frame is bad, it will start. When the starting current in the starter motor is likely to form a loop through the ground wire between the regulator and the generator, the ground wire is burned; if the battery and the frame ground are not good, the starter motor is ineffective or unable to work At the same time, all electrical equipment of the entire vehicle is deteriorating due to the operating voltage (due to the voltage drop at the battery ground fault), resulting in malfunction or other failures. Therefore, the maintenance of the ground wire must not be ignored during use.

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