Canadian scientists invent the world's first surgical robot

Release date: 2007-06-11

Canadian scientists invent the world's first surgical robot Calgary University of Canada announced that the research team led by Dr. Garnett Sasselland, a surgeon of the school, cooperated with MDA, which developed the space shuttle manipulator, to develop a name. A surgical robotic system that is a "nerve arm". Experts believe that the system will revolutionize surgery, thus revolutionizing microsurgery.

Surgery, especially neurosurgery, is limited by the accuracy of the human hand. Developed in the 1960s, microsurgical techniques have enabled surgeons to exceed the limits of precision, flexibility and endurance, while the "neural arm" system has greatly improved the precision of surgery and the level of surgery from organs. The level develops to the cell level. By manipulating a computer workstation, the surgeon can work with the "neural arm" in conjunction with the MRI to perform microsurgery at the microscopic scale. The “nerve arm” needs to work with a magnetic resonance imager with a strong magnetic field, and its development is carried out by collaborations involving medical, physical, electronic, software, optical and mechanical engineers. At the start of the project, MDA engineers and the University of Calgary surgeons identified the technical requirements for designing a "nerve arm" robot.

Because doctors and engineers are only good at their respective professions, it is difficult to communicate, and turning surgical terms into technical vocabulary faces great challenges. Dr. Sutherland's research team is currently working with Calgary Health Bureau and Qatar Medical Education teachers to develop a training program for surgeons who will use the “nervous arm” system. Dr. Sutherland said that they not only need to develop a "neural arm" robot, but also design a medical robot syllabus for it. They hope that this new technology will be applied worldwide. To achieve this goal, he is prepared to promote the technology more to students and young experts, because they are more admired of new technologies and the backbone of new clinical applications. ——Shanghai Medical Device Industry Association Network

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