The effect of boron fertilizer and the symptoms of boron deficiency

Boron promotes the movement and metabolism of sugar in crops, increases the synthesis of sucrose, accelerates the transport of sucrose, thereby increasing the seed setting rate of fruit and the fruit setting rate of fruit trees. Boron promotes the formation and development of reproductive organs. When boron is deficient, seeds cannot Normal development. Even completely unable to form, seriously affecting the yield and quality of crops; boron can promote the formation of cellulose and cell walls, regulate and stabilize the cell wall structure. At the same time, it can also promote cell elongation and division, which is conducive to the growth and elongation of crop roots; boron can enhance the ability of crops to resist drought and disease. When the crop is deficient in boron, the growth point grows abnormally or stagnates or even dies; the young leaves are deformed, shrunk, irregularly chlorosis between veins, and the old lower leaves thicken and turn into dark yellowish green or appear mauve spots, leaves and Stems become brittle; roots are short and roots are undeveloped; pollen germination is blocked, fruit formation is reduced, and fruit and seeds are not substantial. The following are the symptoms of boron deficiency in several crops: When boron deficiency occurs in tomatoes, the cotyledon and true leaves of the seedlings are purple, and the leaves are hard and brittle. The stem growth points are dark and dry; the plants are sinusoidal and the top branches curl inward and yellow. Death; uneven maturation of fruit, malformation, brown stains on the pericarp, or black pods. When the oranges are deficient in boron, water spots on the new shoots appear yellow spots, and they easily fall off. The leaves are twisted, the fruit is stiff, the fruit is rough and thick, the dried fruit hardens, the cork is severe, the juice is few, and the seed is rarely formed. fruit.

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