Prevention of libido deficiency in boars

The lack of libido in many boars is manifested by the fact that estrus seeing sows do not cross, sexual libido, irritability, repulsion, impotence or short mating, and inadequate ejaculation. The reasons for the common lack of sexual desire in boars and their control methods are described below:
First, the cause

1. Congenital genital hypoplasia or deformity (such as cryptorchidism, testis or epididymis is not developed, acute or chronic diseases, etc. cause reproductive organ dysplasia).

2. Feeding and management factors. The first is boar breeding with excessive or long-term non-matching tasks, lack of exercise, or boar aging, or has not yet reached body maturity or sexual maturity; Second, the penis is severely damaged or frightened stimulation during mating or sperm collection. The third is polyculture.

3. Nutritional factors. The long-term malnutrition of boars, especially the lack or deficiency of protein, amino acids, vitamins (especially vitamin E or vitamin A) or minerals, causes the boar to be too fat or too thin to cause leg weakness.

4. Disease factors. Boar infection with viral diseases (such as blue ear disease, Japanese encephalitis in pigs) or bacterial diseases (such as brucellosis), in vitro and in vivo parasites, etc., can cause boar lack of sexual desire or lack of libido. In addition, inflammation of the reproductive organs, hindquarters or spondyloarthropathies, limb and foot diseases can all cause difficulty in mating or mating failure.

5. Environmental factors. The cold weather and overheating can cause the boar not to ejaculate or the penis to be erect.

Second, preventive measures

1. The inborn hypoplasia, deformity, or other damage to congenital genital organs should be left as elective or eliminated as the case may be.

2. Scientific feeding and management, rational use, correct training and breeding, keeping the environment quiet and reducing outside interference.

3. Feed special breed boar shake to ensure the supply of energy, protein, minerals, vitamins, and trace elements in the feed. It is also possible to feed 2 boiled eggs to the boar on a daily basis, but do not feed it raw. Because raw eggs contain avidin, the potency of biotin is reduced. Feed green and blue juicy feed, or supplement finished multivitamins, calcium and phosphorus.

4. Do a good job in disease prevention and control, timely inoculation of good vaccines and repellent internal and external parasites, and strengthen enclosures and environmental disinfection.

Third, the treatment

1. Find out the cause, targeted treatment and prevention.

2. For the lack of sexual desire breeding pigs can be subcutaneous or intramuscular injection of methyl testosterone 30 ~ 50 mg; or testosterone propionate 0.3 g / time, internal, once every other day, once every 2 to 3 days.

3. Injection of anterior pituitary gonadotropin or vitamin E.

4. Chinese medicine prescription treatment. Yin Qiang 90 grams, 30 grams psoralen, cooked aconite 10 grams, 30 grams of stalactites, Schisandra 15 grams, 30 grams of dodder, Jianzhi add rice wine 200 ml, gavage.

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