How to Raise the Feeding Ratio of Pigs

In the current downturn of the pork market, the majority of farmers want to use the least amount of feed to make the pig grow the most meat, thereby increasing revenue. At present, although reasonable matching of feeds and effective prevention of diseases have been taken seriously by most farmers, the reasonable insulation of pigs is also an important factor in raising the feed-to-meat ratio, but it is often overlooked by farmers.

There are several types of heating on the market today:

Insulation lamp heating

The heat lamp is heated by the light bulb, but the temperature is too concentrated and the heat is uneven. Only the back of the pig is heated and the abdomen is not heated. The heating effect is worrying.

Plastic insulation board

Although the plastic insulation board can heat the belly of the pig, the temperature is not easy to control, and it needs to be disassembled during the season changing and washing process, causing headaches and short life.

Traditional coal fire heating

Although coal fire heating can also heat the pig's abdomen, the temperature is not uniform and cannot be controlled. It also requires paying workers to burn stoves, which in turn increases the cost of coal, causing high total costs.

So what kind of insulation is the best insulation? The main points should be as follows:

One must be heated evenly and the temperature can be effectively controlled. Second, it is easy to use, that is, heat, and long life. Third, the price is not too expensive and can be widely used.

Nanyang Tianyuan Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. based on the needs of users, independent research and development Tianyuan insulation board, to solve the above problems. Tianyuan insulation board can make the pig belly heat evenly, intelligent temperature control (how high temperature can be adjusted to how high temperature), an investment life of up to 10 years, and free warranty for 3 years, significant energy savings.

Tianyuan insulation board advantages

long lasting

Nanyang Tianyuan Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. solemnly promised that the quality problem of the underground heating body will occur within 3 years of this product, and all costs arising from the maintenance will be borne by the company.

Energy saving and environmental protection

As this product is adjustable from 5°C to 40°C, and it has intelligent temperature control function, for example: 200 watts of double-bed pigs, the temperature is controlled at 30°C, after the temperature is reached, the system is automatically powered off, and it only works for 12 hours 24 hours a day. about.

Strong security

This product is placed in the bed or installed in the underground (conservation room), strong insulation, washable, but also high-temperature baking sterilization.

Uniform temperature

Insulation boxes and nursery quarters floor error ? 2 °C.

Health care

Its fever system can radiate far-infrared rays, promote blood circulation, speed up the growth of piglets, and evenly heat the abdomen, which can effectively prevent diseases such as porcine dysentery and diarrhea.

Good insulation performance

Because the cement board can accumulate temperature, the residual temperature can still be felt for 3 to 5 hours.

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