Pig raising in hot season

Pigs have low feed utilization and slow weight gain when the temperature rises above 35°C or falls to minus 5-10°C. The high temperature season should be based on different types of pigs and different physiological stages of the pig to give different feeding and management.

1. Boars: Feed twice a day. Feed green feed or thinner at noon. Breeding and exercise are performed in the morning and evening. Do not spray cold water immediately after the breeding. From 1 pm to 3 pm every day, water is sprayed on the pig body and the ground, and the light is reduced to 8-10 hours. If the number of breedings is small, the feed amount of the concentrate should be reduced to prevent over-fertilization and poor libido.

2. Pregnancy sows: Avoid breeding in the hot season, sows in the first trimester (0-84 days) should be dominated by green fodder, with appropriate mixes to reduce the stocking density and raise 2-3 heads per round. In the second trimester of pregnancy and during the lactation period, the pig should concentrate on the raw material to match the green material. The coarse material can be fed without feeding, and the feed can be fed 3 times a day. Add 1%-1.5% baking soda, 0.3% salt.

3. Laboring sows: The summer delivery room should select a litter bar with good ventilation and shade facilities. The production mothers should reduce their concentrates 2-3 days before delivery, and feed more green materials. The ratio of bran in the concentrates should be increased to prevent constipation in the bowels. 1. To prevent dystocia, 2. To avoid causing no postpartum feeding or lack of milk. After feeding, feed bran warm salt water once.

4. Product big pig: difficult to raise in high temperature season, often appear in the trough does not eat, affect growth. Generally, fat pigs are sold before the high temperature season. If they are not for sale, the stocking density should be reduced, and a few heads per lap should be kept. Each pig occupies a circle area of ​​1-1.2 square meters. Water spray cooling, feed sooner or later, at noon plus green feed or thin material, the material plus sodium bicarbonate 1.5%, salt 0.3%.

5. Suckling piglets and piglets: hi lying on the wet ground, pay attention to changes in the weather in case of cold pulling or diarrhea. Keep the dough dry, clean drinking water, often disinfected. Prevention can be used per kilogram of material plus 120 milligrams of oxytetracycline for several days and several days of treatment, with oxytetracycline 200 milligrams per kilogram.

6. Heat stroke prevention and treatment: First, move the affected pig to a cool and ventilated place and spray it on the head and body with cold water. Cut off the ear and cut off the ear to bled the blood. At the same time, take medication. The following measures can be used.

- Chlorpromazine 2-3 ml per kilogram of body weight is about 2-6 ml, after intramuscular injection 3 times a day.

- Camphor Sulfonate 5-10 ml, or sodium plus 2-10 ml intramuscularly.

- Intravenous saline 250-500 ml, and enema with saline.

- Coma cases, can use ginger juice or garlic juice nasal drops.

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