How to Control Rice Purple Sheath Disease

Symptoms After the heading of rice, dense purple needlepoint-sized purple dots are produced on the flag leaf sheath, and then gradually expand to most of the leaf sheath or the whole leaf sheath becomes purple-brown. The leaf sheath is particularly evident on the outer wall, sometimes invading the inner wall or reaching the stem deeply. The diseased sword leaves died 7-10 days earlier. Sometimes extended to the second to third leaf sheaths, but the leaves do not die, when the humidity is high, the disease part is white powder, that is, the pathogenic bacteria conidiophores and conidia. Grain lesions produce brown lesions or brown spots, and 1000-grain weight drops. It is thought that this symptom is a purple sheath type that occurs after heading of rice leaf sheath spoilage disease.

The pathogen is called spores of Chinese lychee and is a fungus belonging to the subphylum Fungi. The morphological features are basically similar to those of S. oryzae. It is considered that this disease is the same pathogen as leaf sheath spoilage disease.

Prevention and control methods When dealing with purple sheath disease, 50% benomyl wettable powder should be sprayed 1500 times when rice 6% has been eared, and 50% carbendazim 60 g can be used per 667 square meters plus 5% borera. With 80 ml of water and 65-70 liters of water, the spray control effect is more than 80%.

Artemether Injection 80mg/Ml 6amps/Box
Artemether +lumifrantrine Tablet 20mg+120mg
Solft Capsule 80+480mg
Dihydroartemisine+Piperaquine Tablet 40+320MG
Dry suspension 90+720MG
Chloroquine Phosphate Tablet 250mg
Injection 64.5mg/Ml 5ml
Clotrimazole Cream 1% 20g/Tube 60ml/Box
Ketoconazole complex Cream 1% 15g 1000's/Tin
Metronidazole Inj 5% 100ml
Tablet 0.2g 0.25g 0.4g
Miconazole Nitrate Cream 20mg/g 5g 1tube/Box
Nystatin Cream 0.1mega/g 15g
Oral suspension 100,000IU/ml, 30ml
Quinine 2HCL Inj. 600mg/2ml 1bottle/Box (Hanger)
Terbinafine HCL Cream 1% , 10g/tube 1000's/Tin

Antiparasitic & Antimycotic

Terbinafine Hcl Cream,Albendazole Chewable Tablet,Artemether Injection Dosage,Nystatin Oral Suspension Dosage