Phosphorus fertilizer application amount

Appropriate application of P fertilizer in P-deficient soil has a good effect on improving the yield and quality of crops. Some farmers' friends mistakenly believe that the more phosphorus fertilizers are used, the better. In fact, excessive application of phosphate fertilizers is not only unprofitable, but also has many harms.
One is the excessive application of phosphate fertilizer, will make the crop absorb too much phosphorus from the soil nutrient excess phosphorus nutrition will promote crop respiration is too strong, the dry matter consumed is greater than the accumulation of dry matter, resulting in the development of reproductive organs in advance, causing Premature maturation of the crop, small grains, and low yield.

The second is to induce zinc deficiency in the soil and excessive application of calcium phosphate will cause zinc in the soil and excessive phosphorus, produce zinc phosphate precipitation, the crop can not be absorbed, so that the crop appears obvious symptoms of zinc deficiency; excessive use of calcium phosphate and other alkaline phosphate fertilizer Later, it will alkalinize the soil and reduce the effectiveness of zinc, affecting the absorption of zinc by crops.

Third, over-application of phosphorus will cause crop phosphorus deficiency molybdenum application of phosphorus fertilizer, will promote the crop to absorb molybdenum, but excessive application of phosphate fertilizer, but will make phosphorus and molybdenum lose nutrient balance, affect crop absorption of molybdenum, showing a Molybdenum disease."

Fourth, over-application of phosphate fertilizer will cause deterioration of the physical and chemical properties of soil. Superphosphate contains a large amount of free acid, which will be continuously applied in large quantities and will cause soil acidification. Calcium-magnesium-phosphate fertilizers contain lime, and their heavy application will exacerbate soil alkalinity and physicochemical properties.

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