Experts warn that computerized tomography is harmful to the US authorities

Release date: 2010-04-01

According to Singapore's "Lianhe Zaobao" quoted foreign media reports, US medical experts have repeatedly warned the Food and Drug Administration that the use of powerful computed tomography scans for colon cancer patients can cause great harm, but the authorities do not listen to advice. The scientists then decided to express their views at the medical conference held on the 30th.
According to reports, due to the generalization of CT scans, the intensity of radiation therapy received by a person in his lifetime has increased seven-fold compared to 30 years ago. The intensity of the tomographic scan is equal to 400 chest X-rays.
Researchers estimate that the number of such scans per year in the United States has reached 70 million, a significant increase from the 3 million in the early 1980s. As many as 14,000 patients die each year from cancer caused by radiation.
It is understood that the use of tomography for cancer detection has caused much controversy. A group of scientists who are extremely concerned about the dangers of tomography have said that they will express their views at the two-day medical conference.
They said that the bureau ignored their advice. Because they are not open to the public as early as possible, let them understand the hazards of tomography, which may lead to hundreds of patients facing unnecessary health threats.
According to the report, some internal documents show that despite repeated objections by scientists, the agency is considering approving the application of General Electric Group (a group of medical equipment companies) to perform colon cancer detection with tomography.
Nicholas, a gastroenterologist interviewed, said that once approved, such an application may cause many Americans to "directly face the threat of radiation, and may also cause cancer in their abdomen. Professor Smith of the Department of Radiation Medicine I also agree with this view.
But General Electric Group spokesman Gao Paratnan pointed out that studies have shown that tomography can diagnose early colon cancer, which improves the overall survival of patients. Meditech Medical Network

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