The female rabbits lice precautions

First, feed malnutrition is mostly due to lack of vitamins and minerals in feed. Measures: Feeding the female rabbit's feed (especially during the breeding season) must be nutritious, rich in protein, minerals, and vitamins, and often provide a juicy green feed to make it more nutritious.

Second, the lack of water due to the female rabbit lost herniation due to the loss of amniotic fluid, fetal discharge, feeling empty stomach, thirst in the mouth, often after the end of childbirth jump out of the box to find water to drink, if no water to drink, it is possible to eat. Measures: The female rabbit should supply enough clean drinking water before and after delivery, and at the same time, supply fresh and juicy feed.

Third, scare the female rabbit during childbirth or postpartum, sudden noise or beast invasion, etc., make it frightened and jump in the birth box, use the hindquarters to step down the rabbit or eat the rabbit. Measures: Keep the surrounding environment quiet and prevent animals such as dogs and cats from entering.

4. The foreign body stimulates the odor of the childbirth box or litter. The female rabbit is suspicious and mistakenly eats the rabbit. Measure: The female rabbits will be washed and disinfected in the box about 4 days before delivery, placed in the sun to dry, and then covered with clean mat grass, placed in a suitable position in the rabbit house. In addition, the female rabbit should not touch the rabbit with hands or utensils with odor after giving birth.

Fifth, the child is not suitable to send the child too late or two scent rabbit odor is not cast, was identified by the female rabbit and killed or eaten the foster rabbit. Measures: Sub-rabbit foster time is not more than 3 days of age is appropriate, the foster-rabbits into the box after 1 hour and then let the female rabbit breast-feeding, can also be painted on the nose of the female rabbit, toothpaste, etc., so that the female rabbit Can not distinguish.

Sixth, postpartum lactation rabbits compete for nipples when the milk is not enough to eat, and even bite the nipples of the female rabbits, while the female rabbits do not feed or bite the rabbits due to pain. Measures: To strengthen nutrition for female rabbits, feed more succulent feed, and more than one child can foster some or all of the rabbits.

VII. After eating, Zizi female rabbit will eat dead or weak son as the placenta, and then it will form the embarrassment of food. Measures: Manual monitoring or artificial oxytocin production is required during childbirth. After the child is born, the production box is placed in a safe place, and the mother rabbit is fed regularly every day.


The main component of this preparation is human immunoglobulin, which is prepared by cold ethanol fractionation of human plasma from healthy donors. The manufacturing process contains a step to remove anticomplementary activity and a dual viral inactivation process. It contains a suitable amount of glucose or maltose as stabilizer (see table below), but does not contain any antiseptic or antibiotic. The distribution of IgG subclasses is close to the serum level of normal subjects and maintains the bioactivity of Fc fragment of IgG.


1. Primary agammaglobulinemia, such as X-linked hypogammaglobulinemia, common variant immunodeficiency diseases, immunoglobulin G subclass deficiency, etc.

2. Secondary immunoglobulin deficiency diseases, such as severe infection, septicemia of newborn, etc

3. Autoimmune diseases, such as primary thrombocytopenic purpura, Kawasaki disease

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