Breeding eggs to kill poisonous chicks is healthier

Disinfecting eggs prior to brooding is beneficial to improving hatching rate, breeding rate, chick survival rate, uniformity, and future egg production performance. Common disinfection methods are:

UV disinfection Place the eggs at 60 cm below the UV lamp, turn on the lights for 10 minutes, turn the eggs over and then shine them from the back for 10 minutes. The use of UV disinfection can only kill the microorganisms on the surface of the eggs, and has a poor killing effect on the deep microbes.

Potassium permanganate disinfectant Potassium permanganate is also known as gray manganese oxide, PP powder. It is purple-black crystalline, metallic luster, soluble in water, and is a strong oxidant. It has a bactericidal effect because it can release new ecological oxygen. Soak the eggs for 1 minute with 0.5% potassium permanganate solution, remove and drain the plate.

Bleaching Solution Disinfection Eggs are immersed in a bleach solution containing 1.5% active chlorine for 3 minutes and drained. It is worth noting that this method must be carried out in a ventilated area.

Iodine solution disinfection Eggs are soaked in 0.1% iodine solution for 30-60 seconds, removed and drained. Preparation method of iodine solution: 10 grams of iodine tablets, 15 grams of potassium iodide, first dissolved in 1000 ml of potassium iodide water, add iodine tablets, dissolved in water after adding 9000 ml. After soaking the egg for 10 times, the iodine concentration in the solution will decrease. If you need to reuse, you can extend the soaking time to 90 seconds, or add a newly prepared solution.

Oxytetracycline disinfection Eggs were heated to 38-40 °C, and then placed in pre-equipped with five thousand ten thousand terramycin solution, the temperature of the solution was 4 °C, soak for 15 minutes.

Xinjieer out of disinfection with 5% benzalkonium bromide solution plus 50 times the water formulated as a 0.1% solution, spraying the surface of the egg with a sprayer or soak for 3 minutes.


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