Storage of fur

Fur should be stored in a clean, dry warehouse, pay attention to ventilation, heat insulation, moisture, but also to prevent insects, rat bites, dust pollution.

The precious furs of foxes, pheasants and mink must be stored in wooden boxes or wooden racks, or they can be hung in rows in the wire in the warehouse, covered with cloth, and some fine naphthalene powder must be sprinkled on the fur; Some fine naphthalene powder or other insect repellents, put anti-rat medicine. A large number of rabbit skins are bundled with dry skin and stored on low wooden shelves to allow ventilation at the bottom, and some camphor powder is applied to the skin to prevent insects. Put rat poison on the ground to prevent rats.

Fur should not be stored for a long time. It is difficult to keep it in the summer and it is best to sell it in time. The precious fur that needs long-term preservation is best stored in a constant temperature store. The stored fur should be checked frequently, problems found, and timely treatment.

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