It is necessary to pay attention to potash fertilizer when planting red flower grass.

Saffron, also known as Ziyunying, is the main green manure crop commonly grown in the southern provinces. However, for a long time, in the fertilization of red safflower, people often weigh heavily on nitrogenous fertilizers and phosphate fertilizers, while ignoring potash fertilizers, which is one of the important reasons for the low yield of safflower. According to years of experiments by the Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the use of potash fertilizer for red flowers is higher than that for potash-free red flowers, and the yield of fresh grass and oysters has increased by 54.3%, and the seed output has increased by 60.4%. It can be seen that potassium has a crucial role in the growth and development of S. sinensis, and thus the increase of potassium fertilizer can obtain significant increase in production efficiency. However, the following three points should be taken into consideration when applying potassium fertilizer to Saffron: First, the application time should be sooner rather than later. Many experiments and production practices have proved that SCF has started to absorb a large amount of potassium from the soil since the seedling stage. Therefore, in order to seize the high yield of fresh grass, it is necessary to strive to establish the foundation for the vigorous growth and prosperous growth after spring. According to the Hunan Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, under the same amount of potash fertilizer, potash fertilizer was applied on November 7, and 667 square meters (1 mu) produced 2734.7 kg of fresh grass, which was more potash fertilizer than December 25 and February 17. 667 square meters respectively increased production by 100 kg and 366.8 kg. It can be seen that the application of potash fertilizer to Saffron should not be delayed as soon as possible. Generally, it should be applied within 3-5 days after the harvest of late rice, and no later than the “winter solstice”. If K fertilizer is applied to the red flower planted in dry land, potassium fertilizer should be used as a base fertilizer before sowing. The second is to apply appropriate quantities of safflower, although potassium fertilizer is needed, but it is not as good as possible. Usually 667 square meters use potassium sulfate (or potassium chloride) 5 - 10 kg, or kiln gray potash 50 - 75 kg, or plant ash 80 - 100 kg. Third, the application method should pay attention to chemical potash fertilizer can be used together with the organic fertilizer stacking, can also be directly after the late rice harvest, but as far as possible to spread evenly. It is best to apply it when the soil is relatively moist, that is, when the soil is wet, so that the fertilizer can be immediately absorbed by the soil and the fertilizer effect can be exerted quickly. Can also be combined with the application of winter fertilizer red fertilizer potassium fertilizer and pig cattle bar grass, phosphate fertilizer and other mixed application. In this way, it can not only exert the fertilizer effect of potassium and phosphate fertilizers, but also protect the seedlings for winter.

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