Three methods for diagnosis of sick sheep

1. Look. When grazing comes back to rest, watch the sheep's rumination. The healthy sheep relentlessly chewed and chewed about 40-45 times per minute. Rumination stops when it encounters disturbances. Immediately after the disturbance, resume rumination. The diseased sheep are ruminated with recklessness and are slow and unable to stop. Some of the sick goats even ruminated and disappeared.

2. Listen. Attach the ear or stethoscope to the sheep's chest and listen to the breath sounds of its lungs. If you hear a breath sound for a long period of time, send out a "hitter" sound, indicating that the sheep is only healthy. If you hear loud breathing, it is like a hacking saw, a loud voice, or a weak, shallow voice, indicating that the sheep have only had the disease.

3. Touch. Touch the sheep's rumen with your hand and press your palm on the left rib. Healthy goats feel soft and the rumen creeps clearly. Sheep peristal 4 to 6 times per minute; goats peristute 3 to 5 times per minute. Sick sheep feel hard, when the pressure on the sheep, the rumen motility or interval is too long.

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